Here is a list of the technology I use on a daily basis. To see other nifty things that people use, go check out /uses.


Web Browsing


  • Proton for a privacy focused web application suite
  • NextDNS for blocking ads and trackers at DNS
  • SimpleLogin for generating anonymous email aliases
  • Bitwarden for secure password storage
  • Raindrop for cross-browser bookmarks
  • Inoreader for RSS feed aggregation
  • YNAB for basic monthly finance management


  • Visual Studio Code for writing software
  • JetBrains Mono for a beautiful monospaced font with ligatures
  • Fira Code for another amazing monospaced font with ligatures
  • Catppuccin for a beautiful pastel color theme
  • Dracula for a widely available dark pastel theme
  • Alacritty for a cross-platform, highly-configurable, performant terminal
  • Obsidian for my notes and general life organization
  • Todoist for planning my day
  • Raycast for a modern macOS command palette


  • fish for a fast and friendly shell
  • starship for a super intuitive shell prompt
  • neovim for text editing
  • tmux for multiplexing terminals
  • git for code version management
  • git-delta for beautiful code diffs in git
  • nnn for filesystem navigation
  • btop for monitoring resource usage (replaces top)
  • mise for managing runtime versions
  • fzf for fuzzy finding things
  • zoxide for quickly hopping between directories (replaces cd)
  • ripgrep for finding file contents (replaces grep)
  • bat for viewing files (replaces cat)
  • lsd for listing directories (replaces ls)
  • xh for interacting with HTTP requests (replaces curl)
  • jq for processing and querying JSON
  • just for executing project commands (replaces make)
  • atuin for magical shell history


  • Apple Health for organizing health information
  • Gentler Streak for tracking workout energy expenditure
  • Hevy for planning workouts and tracking improvements
  • Cronometer for tracking macro and micronutrients
  • Yuka for checking for harmful additives
  • Pillow for tracking sleep quality
  • Withings for health monitoring hardware



Everyday Carry