Stephen Bunn

Software Engineer

Highly driven software engineer, passionate about building easily sustainable solutions. Experienced with system engineering, web development, and team leadership. Seeking a fulfilling role alongside a group of dedicated peers where our work with modern technology seeks to benefit others. Located in Durham, North Carolina.


Lead Software Engineer

Capital One Dec 2022 ‐ Current

Working to better Capital One's ability to monitor their cloud architecture through the use of custom built solutions and vendor-bought tooling. Operating as the lead engineer for a team focused on adapting infrastructure monitoring technologies to the cloud.

Senior Software Engineer

Grove Collaborative Jan 2021 ‐ Dec 2022

Acted as the team lead of the Growth and Web engineering teams. Planned and oversaw the implementation of technical refactors and feature improvements to Grove's web client.

  • Led the design and development of a web component library. This library was engineered to meet accessibility guidelines and be extensible in any Vue-based rendering environment (SPA, SSR, static page generation).
  • Improved both site performance and SEO by transitioning most all landing pages to auto-generated static pages.
  • Key contributor in addressing web accessibility concerns and in creating guidelines for producing accessible features in the future.
  • Directly responsible SME in Grove's frontend guild helping to define and estimate North Stars for frontend-minded teams.
  • Facilitated continuous communication between stakeholders in marketing, design, analytics, and other engineering teams.

Software Engineer 2

Grove Collaborative Apr 2019 ‐ Jan 2021

Worked on a SWAT engineering team focused on building solutions for complex business requirements and investigating and solving technical issues as they arose.

  • Helped to implement payment method fraud detection. Integrated with several third-party services to handle capturing payment from customers on first-time checkouts.
  • Constructed CMS content schemas and produced reusable presentational components to allow content managers to construct and publish web pages.
  • Helped to establish effective code quality tooling and style guides throughout the engineering organization.

Full Stack Developer

Sensus Apr 2017 ‐ Apr 2019

Worked on a small team of engineers focused on building the platform and standards for creating customer-facing applications.

  • Built and maintained the customer experience development platform used to consolidate user authentication, product management, and the return process for customers.
  • Assisted in developing tooling to aggregate internal analytics and telemetry that Sensus uses to monitor the performance of most areas of the business.

Web Content Manager, Office of Sustainability

Appalachian State University Jan 2016 ‐ Apr 2017

Primary content manager of the front-end of the sustain subdomain at Maintained the Office of Sustainability's Google presence.

Graduate Student Researcher, Department of Computer Science

Appalachian State University Aug 2016 ‐ Apr 2017

Performed research in the optimization of existing package management systems in the component, module, and software levels of package management.

NSF REU Researcher, Department of Computer Science

East Carolina University Apr 2015 ‐ Aug 2015

Performed research in both production level testing methods and the use of sentiment analysis in data mining. Specifically perfomed sentiment analysis on textual data taken from online resources such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Information Technology

North Carolina Department of Transportation Apr 2014 ‐ Aug 2014

Imaged and distributed statewide computer systems for the NC Division of Motor Vehicles. Helped with the implementation of a new security protocol for the Triangle Transportation Management Center.


Carney & Co Dec 2011 ‐ Mar 2013

Managed the upkeep of file servers and provided customer service to clients. Contributed research for several marketing and political projects, including state conventions and political candidate campaigns.


Appalachian State University

Master of Computer Science 2016 ‐ 2017

Appalachian State University

Bachelor of Computer Science 2013 ‐ 2016


Applying Package Management To Mod Installation

Appalachian State University Aug 24 2017

Package management automates the discovery and installation of software that can coexist within an operating system. The methods used by package management can also address other instances where the installation of software needs to be automated. One example of this is the environment produced by third party video game modifications. An adapted application of package management practices can help to solve the difficult problem of finding and installing a set of video game mod...


AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Amazon Web Services Aug 30 2023


SSTEM Scholarship Recipient

Appalachian State University Mar 20 2017

Awarded the SSTEM scholarship due to strong performance in course work and extracurricular research and study groups.


Web Development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Vue
  • Nuxt
  • Svelte
  • React

API Development

  • REST
  • GraphQL
  • OpenAPI
  • FastAPI
  • Django

Software Development

  • Python
  • Rust
  • Java
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL